Monday 23 April 2012


What headset do you use for modern warfare, battlefield killzone or any other multiplayer game? Is it a fancy expensive headset

or what I use an Eyetoy.

It gets the job done, all u need is a mic (built  into eyetoy) to chat with friends or other players and using the speakers on your TV to listen to the chatter?

After getting sick of my friends asking me to get a headset so that we can talk to each other, I decide to use my eyetoy witch was just stored in a box unused. I taught it would not work, just chancing my luck and i was bored too, I plugged it into my ps3 loaded up modern warfare, in a private  match to test out my temper y mic? Yes it works.  A handy solution until I save up for a proper headset.

[I did not change settings in ps3 it was just plug and play]

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