Monday 23 April 2012


What headset do you use for modern warfare, battlefield killzone or any other multiplayer game? Is it a fancy expensive headset

or what I use an Eyetoy.

It gets the job done, all u need is a mic (built  into eyetoy) to chat with friends or other players and using the speakers on your TV to listen to the chatter?


Sunday 22 April 2012

Thursday 19 April 2012

Collection 1 for PlayStation 3 [MW3]

The Modern warfare 3 first content hits PSN today (April 19).  Last month or so it hit the xbox now its PS3 players chance to play on the collection 1 drop?

Two new co-op missions four new multiplayer maps, Overwatch, Black Box, Piazza and Liberation.

Therese double point weekend this weekend to celebrate the launch on the PlayStation 3.

BF3 cuts


Wednesday 18 April 2012

Battlefield 5 concept

What Battlefield may look like in the future on google's wearable computer, codenamed Project Glass. 
Googles Project Glass are smart glasses that augment the reality that help you find information about an object, translate text, get directions are some of the features.

One interesting video is the battlefield 5 concept on the google project glass. 


Friday 13 April 2012

MW3 v1.12 patch

Another Modern Warfare 3 patch has been release today called version 1.12

Its a small patch [Multiplayer] not that big it takes less then 5 mins to download and install.

Many glitches or hacks have been hot fixed in this update

Full list can be found on call of duty site

Thursday 12 April 2012

M1A2 in action

My favorited tank in Battlefield 3 is the Abrams M1A2

M1A2 stats

  • Top speed: 56 KM/H
  • Driver weapons: main canon + coaxial LMG or HMG
  • Passenger weapons: heavy machine gun
  • Ammunition: unlimited


Tuesday 10 April 2012

411: Arkaden Map

Medium sized map layout: Mall in Berlin, the map is close quarters, much of this map is inside.


411: Bakaara

Large sized map: Urban in Somalia. Has a downed helicopter in middle of the map, Outdoor with some inside spots.


411: Bootleg

Large sized map: Set in Bankok. Courtyard in center of map with narrow alleys around and open spaces.


Sunday 8 April 2012

Latest BF3 patch

Battlefield 3 [ps3] update. 1.04

The patch is 1.6gb in size offering more than 100+ fixes, after it installed on my ps3 I was encouraged to re-donwload the Back to Karkand exstention (thats if you have it).
"If you are a PS3 player and Back to Karkand owner and you have to re-downloaded Back to Karkand"
This update includes many fixes for wepeons tanks helicopters attachments & gameplay fixs like 

-Reduced the black screen fade in time on spawn. The fade is still necessary for properly streaming in loading content at spawn, but it has been substantially reduced.
-Increased the speed at which a player regains accuracy when aiming after moving for a more responsive experience. Firing before fully zoomed will still result inaccurate fire.
-Players should no longer take fall damage from short falls.
-Switching from primary weapons to sidearms and back now takes less time.
plus more...

I notices improvement's in play like in TDM matches, spawning are a bit fast (not as fast as cod's spawn time, which would be nice)and are more random places witch are father away from the other crowd(side) well most times? 

Grenades now will drop on the ground if you are killed trying to throw them, witch helps with more of a chance to get revenge on the person that killed you! Its a bit like afterlife in MW3.


Saturday 7 April 2012

Page on FB

New Facebook page created

Anyone good at making covers or can make one really need one for this blog and my facebook page cover?
Let me know @ or drop a comment :)


Friday 6 April 2012

Bits of some og!

After thinking about how can I keep this blog going, I've decided to post anything MW3 and BF3 (FPs) related and a few RTS games, expect more...

Thursday 5 April 2012

BF3 busting

I know this is not MW3 related but i do enjoy these videos reminds me of mythbusters.


Wednesday 4 April 2012

The lulz

This cracks me up every time I see it 

-WARING NSFM I guarantee you will piss your nickers -


Tuesday 3 April 2012

The new playlists look fun (FFA)

The new Modern Warfare 3 community playlist is now live

3x6 Guns: 3 Rounds of 6 Guns
All or nothing: No Ammo at start. Start with Tac Knife & Throwing Knife. Knife or TK to get ammo for your gun.

18 Guns(Gun Game): Every Kill you get you move up a tier until you reach final one. Knife sets back enemies

OIC P99(One in Chamber): Start with 1 bullet and you have 3 lives. Knifing gets you another bullet. Shooting enemies also get you another bullet.

 -(more after the brack)

MW3 1.? patch for ps3?

Does anybody know what the recent patch 3.5? was, (I can't remember what its was called) 

After I install the patch I found game play a bit leggy in multiplayer anyone else have this problems, let me know in comments.

[side note]
Im getting sick to death of hearing smuggie shitbox(xbox) fanboys barging about how they get content before us and shit. I think its time to get on to infinity and tell them us Ps3 subscribe should get it when 360 does not a few weeks later. What are we pay elite for?

Monday 2 April 2012

Wheres My Overwatch!

I got this email the other day from call of duty elite saying that the map Over watch is on available to download.