Tuesday 3 April 2012

The new playlists look fun (FFA)

The new Modern Warfare 3 community playlist is now live

3x6 Guns: 3 Rounds of 6 Guns
All or nothing: No Ammo at start. Start with Tac Knife & Throwing Knife. Knife or TK to get ammo for your gun.

18 Guns(Gun Game): Every Kill you get you move up a tier until you reach final one. Knife sets back enemies

OIC P99(One in Chamber): Start with 1 bullet and you have 3 lives. Knifing gets you another bullet. Shooting enemies also get you another bullet.

 -(more after the brack)

Gamemodes Explained

FFA GunplayExplained

There are 2 Gun Game variations.
-One variation uses an 18 gun progression including 2 sniper rifles to separate the men from the boys.
-The second variation cycles 6 guns 3 times (no sniper rifles) so learn the 6 gun progression and pace yourself through the 3 waves.

One In The Chamber uses the P99 handgun.
-Players begin with one bullet and earn a bullet for every kill (with gun or tactical knife).
-Elimination occurs after 3 deaths but the last 3 players will be visible on the mini-map to keep the action rolling.
-Eliminated players can chase remaining players in spectator mode and back a winner of their choosing by selecting them.
-Selecting a player that you’re spectating gives you 150 XP for each of their subsequent kills so you can still stay in the game after you’re eliminated.

Lastly there is a new variation on Free For All that was created by our community and we LOVE. Players call it All Or Nothing.
-All players spawn with the USP .45 handgun with no ammo and a Throwing Knife.
-The loadout includes the Hardline perk and Specialist point streak with Scavenger in the first slot.
-As you get kills, you pick up scavenger packs and get ammo.
-Once you’re killed you spawn back with no ammo and start again.
-It’s like One in the Chamber meets Infected with plenty of hilarity mixed in.


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